Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Flip Flops on their way to HONDURAS!!

Lee used to be an optician several years ago, and one of the doctors he worked for went on annual trips to other countries on VOSH Missions Trips. In the past 25 years, he as visited approximately 30 countries helping people to see better! He is currently the VOSH Minnesota president.
From their website: VOSH Minnesota is an organization dedicated to serving the vision needs of people around the world who cannot afford or do not have access to vision care services. We are an independent volunteer group of optometrists and other concerned individuals who travel around the globe to help provide better sight to those less fortunate.
I was talking to Dr. Hess about the Flip Flop Fleet and since they already had shipped their needed items for their current trip, he was happy to take flip flops with him to HONDURAS! He took 75 pair and the wonderful thing about flips is that they are so light that the box, which needed to weigh 50 lbs or less, weighed only 35 lbs. He said that someone once donated baseball caps and when they handed them out the people were so happy! We are praying that our flip flops bring many blessings!
Think creatively - there are many people going on missions trips of all types this time of year and we have great opportunities to get these shoes on some feet! Will you ask your church if there are any teams going out to areas in need? Please let us know if we can help!