Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Be Thinking...

Ask your church if they are sending any teams to other countries for missions trips...keep your eyes and ears open for unique opportunities...there are people travelling all the time and maybe they can take some FLIP FLOPS with them! Don't assume that it will be a burden for them to do so...many groups are collecting items to take anyway, and it is actually a help to them. Also, flip flops are lightweight and easy to pack.
Please be thinking and email us at if you have news of anyone who can take some shoes with them. If you hear of a group travelling but would rather that we contact them, let us know that as well!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hey all you Flip Floppers out there, here's the thing. Lots of people have been saying, "Hey, have you heard of Souls for Soles? They are taking all those shoes that they found on the highway in Florida down to Haiti". Yes, I have heard of them. As soon as we launched the Fleet, people told me about them. All the time. People then ask if we are going to continue to do what we do, when there are other groups doing the same thing. The answer is a loud, YES, WE ARE!! I am actually puzzled by the fact that people ask this! I think it is great that there are other organizations helping, but I don't think that means we stop doing what WE are doing!! So YES. We are still going to collect shoes. We are still going to work with orphanages, missions teams and families traveling to Haiti, Guam, Ecuador, Ethiopia, WHEREVER shoes are needed! ONWARD AND UPWARD!!